Construction Zone

A walk in the park isn't as peaceful as it normally would be, with road crews ripping up Highway 319 just feet away. But Wakulla County resident VJ Smith doesn't mind the temporary interruption. "I guess you have to get through the bad to get to the good and this is the bad." For the next two months, drivers can expect traffic tie ups from Aaron Road to the Wakulla County Courthouse.
Expanding the road to include turn lanes and taking care of 30-year-old business. "Trying to take care a lot of drainage problems that came from 1970's trying to fix them in 2000 dollar time,” said Parrish Barwick, project manager. Barwick says the project is expected to run 1-point-four million dollars. As the road work wages on taking traffic down to one lane, area business's wonder if it will downsize profits. "good idea for Crawfordville, but as for business wise not doing anything but blocking the roads and everything,” said Don Morgan. The restriction to one lane of traffic began this morning and is only during daylight hours. Four points south to Wakulla Springs Road is also under construction. That project to widen the road began in October of 2003 and is expected to be complete in 2005.