SAT Preps

Getting into a top college can be a tall order for teens, and though getting good grades is a plus, there is a test students must take in order to apply. As WCTV's teen reporter Murti Patel found out, students are already preparing for the dreaded SATs.

Ryan Tabb and several area high school students are hoping to get the perfect score on their SAT. Administrators at the Kaplan Learning Center are teaching these students how to master the test.

"Colleges believe that the SAT is an indication of first year success, so as far as that goes, it definitely tells colleges a lot. It is a common yardstick that colleges use to measure all the applicants," says Susanne Szuch, Kaplan Test Center Director.

Kaplan is not the only tool to help students prepare for the SAT. These students say taking practice tests is one of the best strategies.

"Study what you can, learn more about the SAT, take as many practice tests before you take the actual SAT, or take the actual SAT again, you know, if you need to," says Chiles High student Ryan Tabb.

These teens say whatever tool you use, there is one underlying goal.

"I'm trying to get into one of the big colleges," says Darius Norwood, a Wakulla High student.

Although the infamous test is highly feared, students say the earlier you start preparing for the test, the better the chance you'll get the results you want.

If you missed this month's class “No Fear”, Kaplan's "SAT Test Secrets 101" will be offered again March 1 at 7:00 p.m.