Spring Planting Preview

Farmers say getting a head start is so important. Although we're still in the winter season, that doesn't mean farmers are just sitting around waiting for the spring.

They've already started working on their fields and they say they're hoping last year's mild weather will carry over to this year.

"Doing like we've been doing, we're pretty lucky last couple of years. It was probably one of the best years we have ever had. So hopefully it will pay off, if we do the same thing again," says farmer George Bliss.

And although the farming season hasn't even started yet, many farmers say they're expecting another successful year.

"Right now we're expecting a great year, because we are starting the season with a lot of moisture. And anytime you start with moisture you always start on a good foot and we fully expect to have a good year this year," says farmer Mickey Fourakers

Farmers say last year's revenues were approximately $48 million and they say this year shouldn't be much different.

Farmers in Lowndes County say they expect to start planting their crops early next month.