Abe Lincoln Hearse at Tallahassee Museum

Honest Abe's life and presidency were cut short by an assassin in 1865, and believe it or not, one of the hearses which carried Lincoln's body is parked right here in Tallahassee.

At the Tallahassee Antique Car Museum, not far from the packers and prowlers, sits this horse-drawn Hearse, an 1860 model that's believed to have carried the body of President Abraham Lincoln during his funeral procession.

Devoe Moore from the Antique Car Museum, says, "It's in great shape. It hasn't been weathered, it's been taken care of, so I think people are really amazed to see something like this in Tallahassee."

After Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in the balcony of Ford Theater a train carried his body on a 14 stop tour as it made its way to Lincoln's hometown of Springfield, Illinois.

There were funeral processions in cities all along the way.

Civil war historian Jim Jones describes the mood as Lincoln's Hearse rolled by.

"Millions, literally millions, at a time when this country was much smaller, millions watched that and everybody was in tears. Descriptions of General Grant at a ceremony at the White House broke down and cried."

The Smithsonian wanted this horse-drawn hearse for its collection but didn't want to pay its one million dollar price tag.

The funeral carriage of Honest Abe is on display in Tallahassee, ironically, the only southern capital which did not fall to his union army, and it's tough to track facts back 144 years, but reports are that a trap door in the bottom of this same hearse was used to help slaves escape on the underground railroad.