Airline Donates Security Equipment to City Hall

The cost of those improvements isn’t cheap, and that's why the Valdosta police are grateful for a new security tool. An x-ray machine has been donated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines.

The machine used to scan passenger's carry on luggage will now be used by Valdosta police to protect a local courtroom. The Transportation Security Administration recently installed its own x-ray machine at Valdosta Regional Airport, meaning Atlantic Southeast Airlines had an x-ray machine it no-longer needed, so after some discussion, the airline decided to donate this machine to the Valdosta police.

"It was just for community support, for the police department and showing them gratitude because they've given us security help over the last couple of years when security was high. They've certainly supported us, and we're more than happy to donate to the police department," says Terry Reagan, Atlantic Southeast Airlines Manager.

Police will soon move the x-ray machine from the airport to the municipal court at City Hall, now security measures are already in place to help protect the court from carrying dangerous objects through security, on their person, but officers say in this day in age, other levels of security is always needed.

"If some one comes in there with a weapon, we need to make sure that doesn't happen. This type of equipment has added capability, I think it’s less intrusive that the hand held metal detector and the actual walk through metal detector we have over there," says
Lt. Brian Childress, Valdosta police spokesperson.

And the best part for both Valdosta police and local taxpayers is the system was donated, meaning the city will not have to pay big bucks for this security improvement. Officers say this x-ray machine is needed even more now, because the municipal court is handling more cases, meaning more people are coming to court each week.

Valdosta police say the machine will also be used to scan some packages that are sent to city hall, in the event that an official feels a threat might be present.