Good Samaritan Pays Utility Bill

Here at home, a woman struggling to pay her utility bills owes a debt of gratitude to one of our viewers for lending a helping hand.

Darnell Jackson of Atlanta saw Carolyn McCloud's story on our newscast and felt compelled to pay off her roughly one thousand dollar utility bill.

It all started from a town hall meeting called by Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor to find a solution to high utility bills.

"I just don't know now to thank Mr. Jackson for paying it, I just don't have the words, I guess I can thank God there are people out there who have hearts like that," says Carolyn McCloud.

DeLane Adams, an aide for Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor, says, "We need to figure out a way across, the board we can lower everybody's bill, make this a system that works for everybody."

Commissioner Proctor's aide says he hopes to have an action plan formulated soon to help other residents in district one struggling with high utility bills.