Commissioners Discuss Half-Cent Sales Tax

Instead of a property tax, how about a half-cent sales tax?

Members of the Primary Health Care Advisory Board met Thursday night at the Bond Community Health Center to "toss around" that very issue.

The tax would be called an "indigent care surtax" and it would replace the primary health care property tax.

"A half cent sales tax would be imposed for 3 to 5 years. Those dollars would go into a trust fund, invested responsibly, generate dividend which expands access to health care to all Leon County citizens," says Cliff Thaell, Leon County Commissioner.

James Stockwell, a physician, adds, "It does have some advantages, it could raise some significant revenue, some property owners would probably be more in favor of a sales tax. It's certainly a viable option."

Commissioner Thaell says the half-cent sales tax is just an option right now. It can be passed by either a vote of the citizens or by a vote of the majority of the county commission.