Annual Olustee Battle

You have a chance this weekend to catch a glimpse of our country's history.

Crowds will be packing into the Olustee battle grounds in Butler County, Florida this weekend, as scores of Union and Confederate re-enactors duke it out to remember Florida's costliest Civil War battle.

Wesley Frank, Confederate solider re-enactor, says, "So we fight to preserve our heritage, and that we honor our heritage. 5,300 of use will meet this weekend, and this will be a Confederate victory."

nd even though the outcome of the battle has already been determined by history, thousands from around the country come to either watch or take part in the events, and while many are drawn to the entertainment of the battle re-enactment, others use the opportunity to learn about history.

Dalton Pollaid, 3rd Grader Branford School, said, "They put gun powder in the front of the big long stick, and they stick it in and they light the fuse, and it shoots out a big ball.”

Getting that hands-on feel for the Civil War is really fun for many of these kids. Admission to the Olustee Battle is $4 for adults and $2 for students, a small price to see history come alive.

If you are planning on attending the Olustee Battle, you should use the park and ride system that's been set up on U.S. Highway 90, both east and west of the battle site.