Barbershop Quartet for Valentine's Day

Forget the chocolates and flowers, we've found a new way to romance your valentine. In Friday’s Feature at Five, we followed around some talented fellas who really know how to strike a chord in unsuspecting women.

These fab four are on a mission to surprise women in Tallahassee, and with them they bring a melodious message.

This Barbershop Quartet has been hired by creative companions of Capital City women.

“It’s just so romantic, we've been married for 38 years so it makes it extra special when its been that long,” says a surprised Karen Bickley.

With appointments every half hour Friday, the singing valentines were a hit.

“It really touches their hearts and you know you've done a good job when they cry!” says barbershop quartet singer Ken Ford.

And how about an unsuspecting wife,who was volunteering at Springwood Elementary?

And just to make your heart melt, or to create envy, we had to end with her husband's comment, ”She's the center of my life and I want her to know I love her and thank her for being my best friend,” says Anton Kremer.

Now if you were hoping for a singing valentine, don't give your husband that look just yet. The Capital Chordsmen Barbershop Quartets will be out in full force Saturday as well.