FSU Med Students' Mexico Trip

The group was set to head out Friday night to spend their spring break providing medical care to Haitian rural villagers. Instead, the group is now headed to Texas.

About three weeks ago FSU medical students began watching television, knowing Haiti was their destination for spring break, but their mission to provide medical care to rural areas was revived and the packing could resume.

They found out they'd be heading to McAllen, Texas to work the Texas-Mexico border.

“They will be learning about the health issues of the border that will affect Florida because it is the same type of patient you find in Gadsden County. They are migrant workers,” said Dr. Reyes.

In their second year, these med students spent last spring break in Panama, but there was also something admirable the future physicians saw.

The most inspiring aspect is although there is a lack of medical access. These people still find the strength to be happy, loving, joyful people.

Ten students are headed to Texas, while another 16 are going to Panama. Spring break coordinators say for the first time, FSU med students are prepared to do medical interviews and interventions in Spanish.