Local Middle Schooler Hit by Car

Fellow classmates are in disbelief that something so horrific could happen to one of their own. It all happened while a young girl was walking from her home to a nearby bus stop and it's something that students at Deerlake Middle School say has brought them closer together.

Family members of 7th grader Stevie Denmark say she's in stable but guarded condition.

Around 8:30 a.m. Friday morning, Stevie was on her way to her bus stop at the corner of Meadow Ridge and Thornburg Drive when she was hit by an oncoming car.

Student Brian Wallace and Stevie share the same school bus.

"They say she was lying in the ditch, and her leg was all messed up and her face was bleeding, and that the lady that hit her was crying and screaming. She didn't know what to do,” comments Wallace.

Other students and parents couldn't believe the news.

"It's shocking, I don't know what to say, it's just shocking,” says student Ryan Callahan.

"I guess maybe all of us think that all of our kids are safe, walking to school, waiting for the school bus, you just never know, anything can happen,” adds parent Jesse Callahan.

"We decided to go into the classrooms, we had guidance counselors go into the classrooms to talk to the students,” explains Deerlake Middle School principal Jackie Pons.

Members of Stevie's immediate family say they've received an outpouring of support from neighbors.

“I've gotten, I don't know how many phone calls seeing about her condition, and they've just all been concerned and everybody has just been really helpful, we appreciate it so much, and thank you,” Stevie’s sister Leila Denmark shares.

Again, family members say Stevie is doing pretty well, she's at Tallahassee Memorial and is expected to be there, at least, over the weekend.

Officials say the driver who hit Stevie was in her late teens, possibly a high school student, and since this is still under investigation, it's unclear whether she'll face any charges.