Local Research Blindness Study

Macular degeneration is said to be the leading case of blindness in adults over age 55, but a local researcher is saying about a possible cure.

Seventy-two-year-old George Rosselot and his wife have been married 51 years. At age 40, Rosselot started having serious problems with his central vision.

"My central is kind of like looking through fog, so I look right at you, but I really look over here to see you or over here or up here, and when I read, I use this magnifier or my glass, this is my best place to read and I put it right here," he says.

His central vision is foggy, while his peripheral vision is clear. Dr. Logan Brooks says Rosselot has age related macular degeneration, caused when blood vessels in the eyes leak blood, eventually causing eye scars and loss of vision.

Brooks is part of a national team of researchers working on a new drug to stop this disease.

"Blood vessels, to need a growth factor, in order for the blood vessels to grow, and this medication blocks the ability of that growth factor to work, so it makes the blood vessels unable to form," says Dr. Brooks.

The drug would be taken in the eye through injection. Brooks admits it's difficult stopping a disease brought on by age.

"We're just praying for the Lord to send us that answer, it's partly getting old, how can we stop that?"

Rosselot has lived with AMD about 30 years, and he says it hasn't stopped him from living his life.

“If you have an area that stops working, then use everything else that works.”

If you or someone you know lives with AMD and would like to take part in the study locally, the number to call is 1-888-662-6728.

Visit this website for more information on macular degeneration.