Battle of Natural Bridge

Thousands showed up for the re-enactment of the Battle of Natural Bridge Sunday. One hundred thirty nine years after the Civil War, the history behind this area of Tallahassee remains.

On March 6 of 1865 the north would never cross the area of Natural Bridge held back by troops from Florida Seminary and local volunteers.

Sunday’s re-enactors wanted to make sure no one forgets the heroic win.

"At the same time a little bit about the sacrifices made by our ancestors," said Mark Rominger, a Confederate soldier.

Tallahassee was the only capitol east of Mississippi not to fall into northern hands during the war, yet it was to be a hollow victory since in a month General Lee would surrender to Grant.

Still, local residents by the thousands come out each year for the past 29 years to remember.

“I wanted my children to see it because they're studying it in school, the Civil War. It's just a part of history and although it's a bad part of American history we need to know it so that we won't forget so that we don't do it again," said Kim Williams, a local resident.

The southern troops lost three soldiers in the battle, 23 more were wounded.