Mag Lab

Tallahassee has a magnetic force unlike any other in Florida, and it's pulling in thousands of followers. The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory celebrated its tenth Anniversary in the Capital City, and folks say the big bash was electric!

Inside the Mag Lab lies a world of energy, the kind of energy that dazzles the mind and fascinates youngsters.

“I learned that the mantle of the Earth when hit hard puts pressure, then put hand in stuff and it goes soft and easy,” said Ariya Massoudi, a ten-year-old science student.

He may not know it, but Ariya is talking about convection cells and plate tectonics, just one of the many hands-on demonstrations making science fun.

“We want to encourage more young people to pursue science as a career. We need more scientists and engineers in this country,” said Janet Patten, Director of Government Public Relations.

Every year the Mag Lab lures in about 2,500 families like these for its anniversary celebrations, giving them the chance to become the experiment and learn how often magnetics are used in this day and age. For many it's an experience that sticks through the years.

The Mag Lab employs about three hundred people, one third of them are graduate students working on their PhDs. It's funded through the National Science Foundation and is the only lab of its kind in Florida.