Rain-Related Accidents

The deadly wreck happened in Madison County near exit 258 on Saturday morning. The victim, 83-year-old Auley Barker of Madison, was driving his Toyota pickup the wrong way on I-10's east bound lane.

Sixty-seven-year-old Stanley White could not see Barker coming because of heavy rain. The two trucks collided head-on. Barker was killed. White walked away with minor injuries and did not request medical care.

Rain was also to blame in several other I-10 accidents on Saturday. Officials say the weather caused heavy congestion on the roadways leading to crashes and car pile ups. Water mixed with oil made for slick roads and drivers found it impossible to get good traction.

Florida State Troopers responded to five calls within a half hour of each other and traffic was backed up for miles.

"When it becomes rain, water on the road you've got to reduce your speed the rain dictates the speed. If it's raining pretty hard then you've got to drop it down further," said L.N. Williams of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Troopers say Florida drivers need to know that under severe weather conditions law dictates that the driving speeds are slower than the highway signs indicate.