New Friendly Flyer

An airline that served Tallahassee and left is now returning to the capital city. There will now be a direct flight to the Super Bowl city. Earlier this month touchdowns were scored in Houston at the Super Bowl, soon Continental Airlines will touch down at Tallahassee Regional Airport.

Continental Airlines last flew out of Tallahassee Regional Airport in April of 1996. Now, they're back and they say they see a bright future in Florida's capital city.

"Saw that if we launched this service in the beginning of may and if we could get the support it would make economic sense for continental airlines to fly here and we think it would make economic sense for the business traveler flying to and from Tallahassee to fly Continental Airlines," says Ned Walker, Communications VP for Continental Airlines.

There will be two flights to Houston every day, where Continental's hub offers departures to over 150 other cities, making it Tallahassee's most direct connection to the west.

"There'll be seven hubs now that we'll have access to as a result of the addition of continental airlines here, so that's gonna’ make air travel for all of our citizens a lot better and a lot easier in this community," says Tallahassee Mayor John Marks.

"Once you go into Houston you'll be able to go nonstop to Latin America, to Mexico, to Tokyo, to the rest of the Western U.S., to Canada," adds Ned Walker.

For Tallahassee Regional Airport the hope is that more choices brings more passengers to the terminal.

"I've been here four years and we've been limited with some of our transportation back home. I know a lot of friends in California, there always looking for cheap flights back to California," says Tiffany Paulk, a frequent flyer.

Of course the flights will be jet service. Fifty-passenger regional jets will be used. They're promising $320 round trip to LA and a $290 round trip to Vegas.