Tally Grille Murder

It was a terrifying lunch hour for diners in a Tallahassee restaurant as a man collapsed and died right before their eyes. Police say he was murdered near Market Square at about noon and they are now searching intently for his killer.

Police say they think it may have a been a transient man who stabbed the victim, but as of right now the police are on an extensive man hunt to capture the suspect to find out for sure.

Witnesses say a man walked into Tally's Grille restaurant on Timberlane Road and fell to the floor bleeding after being stabbed. Police say EMS crews couldn't save the man. Now, Tallahassee police are calling it murder.

Just blocks from the murder scene is Gilchrist Elementary School. Once police decided they were on a manhunt, the school was placed on lockdown.

"All children are in their classrooms. No special outside classes are happening. We're fortunate to have most of our kids in the main building," said Edna Owens

Police are looking for a white man, 175 pounds, late 40's with dark sandy blonde hair, three to four inches in length. The suspect was last seen wearing a camouflage jacket with blue jeans.

The suspect has a large knife.

"He was last seen traveling northeast from the scene to an unknown destination," says Stewart Clendinen

Police say the suspect was last seen walking northeast toward Thomasville Road. If you see someone matching this description, police say do not approach him, call 9-1-1.

The man killed was identified late Monday afternoon as Julius Fred Parker. Police have not specified a motive, but we understand Parker was a regular customer at the restaurant who was attacked in an adjacent bathroom.