Abortion Caravan

Tallahasseans may need to get accustomed to averting their eyes when driving around the capital city. This week 12 box trucks will be cruising the streets with very graphic pictures of aborted fetuses, hoping to shock, horrify and get your attention.

This week a caravan of 12 vehicles will be circling the capital city spreading the message of pro-life through graphic pictures of unborn fetuses.

A spokesperson for the Florida Association of Planned Parenthood says the opposite, saying the group called the center for bio ethical reform only spreads lies.

“They have no studies, they should spend their resources doing what's appropriate for the women of Florida and help limit the number of abortions,” says Stephanie Grutman of Planned Parenthood.

Grutman says she'd rather see the campaign money go towards preventing unwanted pregnancies. Harrington says the abortion caravan will travel to 19 states. He admits some parents have been disgusted while young children have been traumatized by the images.

The group, which is from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, will be in Tallahassee the rest of the week hoping to grab the attention of lawmakers. Georgia is their next stop.