Fight Fire With Fire

With wildfire season on the horizon, foresters in Florida are urging folks to learn about prescribed fire. They say control burns are vital to Florida and the key to preventing wildfires.

It's the kind of material that burns quickly and travels fast, especially when the wind picks up, but if firefighters tackle the thick brush early, there's less chance for wildfire. That's why foresters are conducting prescribed fires also known as controlled burns, saying they're good for the environment and mandatory for your safety.

“You've got to remember where we prescribe burn that fire is much cooler than it would be if that undergrowth had gone out of control,” says Charles Bronson, Florida Agriculture Commissioner.

But with prescribed fires comes a negative perception among the public that any fire runs a destructive and deadly course.

“This is a perception we need to change, wildlife are used to prescribed burns and they take care of themselves,” says Lane Green, Tall Timbers Executive Director.

To emphasize the need to burn, public service announcements will go out across Florida, hoping to silence any negative opinions of prescribed burns while working to
Wakulla County save Florida's forests from going up in flames.

Monday Commissioner Bronson kicked off the statewide media campaign for prescribed fire awareness. It'll include TV and radio PSAs as well as opinion surveys.