Drug Arrests in Madison County

The driver was stopped for a minor traffic violation, but deputies soon discovered several packages of marijuana inside.

Deputy David Harper discovered 61 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $280,000.

On Saturday, Harper stopped a 2002 Toyota 4Runner on I-10 because the driver was dangerously close to the car in front of him.

"Soon as they dropped the window down I was overwhelmed with fabric softener more than I could consider normal," he says.

Harper says he pulled all three occupants out of the car to question them separately. All three gave conflicting statements.

Harper told them that he's a K-9 officer and had his drug-sniffing dog in his patrol car. That's when the three then decided to come clean.

"Whether on Interstate or county road we're going to do everything we can to intercept as possible," says Pete Bucher, a sheriff in Madison County.

Deputies say the interstate is commonly used as a major pipeline for drug traffickers.

"This particular marijuana may not be destined for Madison County, but it could be going to Suwannee county, it could be out there were the front lines on the war on drugs,” Harper adds.

Two men and a woman from Texas have been charged with trafficking marijuana and possession of a controlled substance. Bond has been set for $50,000 each for all three.