Thomas County Receives Federal Heating Assistance Grant

A federal grant has made it easier for some Georgians to bear that hefty heating bill.

Back in November, hundreds of people in Thomas County got help with their utility bills through a local heating assistance program. Hundreds more did not because funds for the program ran out. Now, more than $6,000 from the federal government is helping those who were left out.

"We're trying to assist some people that were written up but were not assisted. Some were, but some not, but were trying to get some funds to do that now," says Larry Flowers, director of the neighborhood service center.

Rising home energy fuel prices and an unusually cold winter is why this assistance came about. Gov. Perdue says this has made it a little bit harder for folks to pay their heating bills.

Gussie Murray is putting her space heater to use to save money this winter. She says she appreciates the financial help.

"I hope they continue helping us because a lot of us need it, because we are all standing in need," says Gussie.

Flowers says the money will help shorten the waiting list from last November's program, and help folks brave the freezing temperatures as well as the costs to keep warm.

This grant helps the elderly and disabled as well as those with low income. The money is provided on a first come, first serve basis.

To apply, the number to call is 1-800-869-1150.