A+ Teacher

There's nothing quite like being recognized for a job well done. Thursday morning a teacher at Hawk's Rise Elementary was recognized as Leon County Teacher of the Year.

Leon County's 2004 Teacher of the Year is Susan Koehler. She knew she was in the running, but what a surprise it was.

Like a covert operation friends, family and administrators gathered in secrecy Tuesday morning. Their mission: surprise a very special lady Susan Koehler, the winner of Leon County's 2004 Teacher of the Year.

"It makes me feel so wonderful cause as soon as I found something out I would call over to Deerlake and let them know and let the ones over hear know. I didn't realize that they knew before me and kept this secret and let me just suffer," says Susan.

Susan Koehler has been teaching for 18 years with the last eight at hawks rise elementary. Her 4th grade students say they look up to her and have nothing, but praise for their teacher.

"She's wonderful, she teaches us a lot. She's taught us everything almost everything I know about reading and language arts."

"If you can't figure something out she'll help you figure it out. She just won't send you away. She'll come to your desk and teach you separately if you don't catch on."

"One of the things that's really unique about her is the special relationship with the children and the parents as well. She's just absolutely a great teacher," says Leon County Schools Superintendent Bill Montford.

Mrs. Koehler said the recognition is wonderful but it's the little things that count in her grade book. In may the state finalists will be announced and we'll just have to pull for Mrs. Koehler.