Trucking into Valdosta

There's a new company in town and many people in the Azalea City are welcoming them with open arms. Bearden Trucking is expanding to Valdosta bringing $2.4 dollars in revenue and over 60 new jobs.

Owners realized there's a large customer base in Valdosta and the easy access to both I-75 and I-10 was convenient for truckers.

Some might say looking for jobs in Lowndes County just got a little easier. Bearden Trucking is expanding its current operation from just down the road in Cairo to Valdosta.

The contract carrier will drive in revenue of $2.4 million and create 63 new jobs.

"Valdosta seems to be the cross roads of the trucking industry. Because of I-10 and I-75. The chamber of commerce has done an excellent job in providing us to put a maintenance facility, so yes it is a very good location,” says Bearden.

So good that others say it's the reason Valdosta hasn't been hit hard by unemployment. Currently, the state of Georgia is seeing a 19 percent increase for those claiming unemployment for the first time, but that isn't that case for Valdosta.

"In our area we are very fortunate that are existing businesses have expanded and continued to hire and have not suffered like some communities."

Bearden Trucking will not just bring in new jobs but it will spend more than $1 million in fuel each year, both helping the local economy.

The move is a win-win situation for both Bearden Trucking and the city of Valdosta.

If anyone is interested you can call 229-377-6928.