Gadsden Murder

A gruesome discovery in Gadsden County Tuesday morning has law enforcement officers searching for clues and answers.

Officials are still confused as to a why the body of 24-year-old Melvin Northern was lying in a truck on the side of the road. After speaking with friends of Northern, we now know a little more about this man whose life was taken at such a young age.

Tuesday morning, Melvin Northern of Gadsden County would have celebrated his 24th birthday, but instead Northern's body was found lying in an SUV on Cane Creek Road full of bullet holes.

"It's a tragic situation. Someone lost a life and that's tragic for the family, and it's just not a good situation,” says MAJ Ed Spooner of the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials say around 7:00 Tuesday morning a bus driver spotted the blue GMC with one of Northern's legs hanging from it. That bus driver then alerted authorities, and when officials got on the scene, they discovered Northern's body with one or more bullet holes in it.

Close family and friends of northern stood along the road, watching in disbelief.

"I met him back in 1992, and from '92 until today, the only thing I know was that he was a nice person. He never bothered anybody or what not," says Shanekia Wilson, a close friend.

Northern was just released on bond Sunday on kidnapping and home invasion charges, and further research shows that since 1998, Northern has been in and out of prison on drug and battery charges, but close friends say a person's past never constitutes death.

"Yea, people do make mistakes, and you know, you can't look at nobody's background, and say he deserved this or say it's a good that he died or whatever, no that's not right," says Lekia Shorter, a close friend.

MAJ Spooner says it's still unclear who did this and exactly what time the shooting took place. Officials say a bus driver saw the parked car.