Scholarships to Attract New Students

Administrators of one small south Georgia university say in order to receive, they're willing to give a lot. This upcoming year, Thomas University is awarding approximately $250,000 in scholarships to draw in new students.

Thomas University is looking to move and rebuild a new campus due to overcrowding. School officials say it's in the budget, and say the type of model students they're hoping to attract may make more students want to attend, and this could expedite their plans.

Alex Anderandone hails from South Carolina to attend Thomas University. He says, without the free ride of his "presidential scholarship" he might not be here.

"Not only has it given me a free education to an institute of higher learning, but it's also given me plenty of new experience," says Alex.

Alex is one of four students on the scholarship this year. He gets four years' free tuition and board, and up to $1100 for books and meals. Although the college has plans to move and rebuild a new campus, university officials say, next year, they'll double the number of presidential scholarships awarded.

Thomas University's president says the $250,000 in scholarships being offered next year is only a small part of the school's $11 million budget. He says it will probably attract more students to the school rather than hurt expansion.

"These students are magnet students, they're students that other students look to and say 'Wow, so-and-so is going to Thomas U. I'll look at that as well," says John Hutchinson, President of Thomas University.

Administrators say the type of student they're trying to draw in is all the more reason to build up their campus and their search for a new site, and new presidential scholars has begun.

The deadline to apply for a presidential scholarship at Thomas University is June 1. Call the university at 229-226-1621 for more information.

The university offers various other academic and athletic scholarships. This year they are hoping to offer more than they ever have before.