Shift in Marketing

The south Georgia Hispanic population has grown over the years and now large companies in Lowndes County are now turning their marketing to focus on the Spanish culture. The move will affect the Hispanics in the area.

During the last decade the Hispanic population in south Georgia has exploded and many storeowners in Lowndes County say ethnic marketing is what's attracting more Hispanic people to the area. Many local supermarkets now carry Spanish food products like Goya, and Kilby.

Owners say they hope the marketing strategy will appeal to Hispanics and bring in more customers.

"Every year you see a lot of people coming from everywhere, from Los Angeles, from New York, from Florida. That's good for my place here because that helps me to grow up some more," says Ismael Palacios, owner of Los Garisoles.

With many larger corporations gearing to the Hispanic culture, many Spanish people say it’s a good idea, mainly because some of them can't speak English.

Ortiz says it's a good idea that companies are gearing to the Hispanic culture. He says it’s a win-win situation for everyone including the business owners and the Spanish-speaking people.

Many Hispanics feel the same and hope the marketing plan will spread nation wide. A recent survey in Lowndes County says the Hispanic population has increased by nearly five percent since 2000.