Tally Grille Murder

Attorney Fred Parker was stabbed to death in the bathroom at Market Square and died as diners in the restaurant next door tried frantically to help.

Eric Goff has owned Tally's Grille for almost 20 years. He was grilling up lunchtime orders Monday when regular customer Fred Parker walked in the door, clutching his wallet in one hand and his throat in the other.

"I heard like a gasp or a gurgle and he just kind of came through the door and several of my customers tried to help him. He only lived about 15 or 20 seconds after he came in the door," said Eric Goff, owner of Tally's Grille.

Witnesses say Parker was attacked in a bathroom in a hallway adjacent to the restaurant. Police say the killer may have been a transient, but they refuse to comment on a motive or say whether this attack was random.

The phones at Tallahassee police headquarters have been busy with more than 100 calls an hour in the hours immediately after the murder and another flurry during morning rush hour.

Call takers tell us most are from folks calling to report someone they think matches the description of the killer.

"We're following up on all leads that we've developed from both the crime scene and from the citizens calling in," says Stewart Clendinen, Tallahassee Police spokesman.

Clendinen says officers are visiting homeless camps and bringing several transients in for questioning. One was detained, questioned and fingerprinted while we were at police headquarters.

Murder suspect: