Park Improvements

People say to them, Paradise Park is just that, paradise, a serene place to escape for the day, attracting not just local folks, but even those just passing through town.

"When my wife and I come here we take our grand kids in the area. We love to bring them to the Parks whether it's McIntyre or Paradise Park and have picnics," says Joseph Klein, visiting from Pennsylvania.

Klein says it's nice to see clean tables and decent facilities, which is the kind of up keeping that in the past a conservancy group was responsible for at Paradise Park, but not anymore, and it's now up for discussion by the city.

"Our City Council wants to make sure that we don't want to expand that a little bit to began to look at all of our parks and how those parks are managed," says Tom Berry, city manager of Thomasville.

Volunteers with the Paradise Park conservancy group raised money for things like playground equipment and landscaping for the park

"I know it's a difficult job with vandalism and things like that, it's nice the beautiful parks in Thomasville,” adds Klein.

City officials say enhancing city parks is a constant evaluation of what the public wants to see, but officials say they will make sure its parks are kept their best to continue attracting those looking to get away.

City officials say the conservancy group will also play a major role in preserving the city's green space. The city council will make a decision about the issue within the next couple of months.