Agreement Reached on Sewer Line Construction

The city of Carrabelle and Lanark Village have reached a truce. Now, the city may begin construction on a sewer line that will serve the new state prison. A new state prison will soon be built in Carrabelle, Florida, bringing with it some 300 jobs and a $13 million payroll.

If you ask locals, it's just what the doctor ordered.

Jim Lycett, a Carrabelle resident, says, "I think it helps everybody because we're missing middle class jobs, I'm very happy for it."

But the outlook for the prison was grim last month when the city of Carrabelle and Lanark Village went head to head in a Tallahassee court over a sewer line that would service the prison.

Lanark claimed the lines were too close to theirs and could cause permanent damage. The judge asked both parties to reach an agreement. Two weeks later, her request was granted.

"We need the ST. James Bay Golf course as a spray field, we're gonna generate over 200,000 gallons of sewage," says Jim Brown, Mayor of Carrabelle.

Mayor Brown says if their sewer line causes problems for Lanark Village, it's the city's job to resolve the problem financially. As for now, construction has begun and locals are all smiles, anxiously awaiting an economic boost from a new prison in their backyard.

Lanark village has refused to comment on the sewer line truce. Mayor Brown says the new state prison is slated to open in about a year.