Tallahassee Election Referendum Passes

Now, city elections will be held in the fall, along with other local, state and federal races.

City Commissioners Andrew Gillum and Mark Mustian have different opinions on the referendum, but both agree, what's done is done.

The citizens of Tallahassee have spoken; the city elections will be consolidated with other local, state and federal races and be held in the fall.

"It's an overwhelming amount in favor for yes. It's the sentiment I have been getting from around the community since the start,” comments Ion Sancho, Leon County Supervisor of Elections.

The fight to consolidate the city races has been a long fight, one that's finally over.

"I'm glad it's over. Now we can get on with this fall. It's a good thing. Hopefully, we can go and make sure everyone's right to vote is protected,” Sancho adds.

Now that the referendum has been passed, city commission seats one and two will be up for re-election this November, effecting Commissioners Gillum and Mustian.

"I have supported from day one to move the elections to the fall. That's when the most people vote so it makes sense. That's when we ought to have the elections,” says Mustain.

The results of the city referendum, with 100-percent of polls reporting, almost 90-percent of city voters say they want to see a consolidated elections. Sancho says this consolidation will save the taxpayers almost $300,000.

Both have filed to run, and as of right now, Commissioner Gillum has some competition.