Juveniles Arrested for Fire

There are new developments in the arson investigation that burned the old Hahira Middle School to the ground over the weekend.

Investigators say there are three juveniles in custody but they can't release the names due to state law. It took three different agencies and the entire community to find out who was responsible for the blaze at the Hahira Middle School on Sunday.

Three juveniles are accused of one count of burglary and one count of first-degree arson. Is it shocking no not really. Juvenile fire setting is a problem, a problem that Hahira residents hope they've to put to an end.

“Once the leads started coming in from the people the community then all the pieces falling into place. We couldn't ask more from the citizens," says Dewight Bennett, Fire Chief of Hahira

But while authorities fill out paperwork, citizens are left with only a memory. There is little left of any symbol of education here at the Hahira middle school. In fact, residents say they've lost a bit of their history.

“I just hope they've learned there listen from this and what it does to a community for years and years and the thrill for them is already over with," says resident Wayne Bullard.

The 75-year-old building that was planned to be used for office space is now to be demolished. The 75-year-old school wasn't just a building, it was part of their lives.

No other buildings were affected thanks in part to the combined effort of the Lowndes County Fire Department, the Valdosta Fire Rescue and the Hahira Fire Team to finally settle it down.