Police Looking for Suspect in Cottondale Murder

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Kendrick Brown, Joshua Pullum and Willie Lloyd the third are already facing attempted felony murder and robbery charges.

They were arrested two days after the September 15th early morning beating of Alfred Delk.

"There is a fourth suspect now which we're asking the public to help us look for," says William Watford, Cottondale Police Chief.

24-year-old Toriano "Cory" Grant is from the Marianna area.
Authorities say the 4 men attacked Delk outside of his Wheelus Street home, stealing his wallet.

"Investigators say Delk tried to get inside his home after being severely beaten by the four men. But he couldn't find his keys. They say that's when he got back inside his truck and blew his horn until someone heard him."

Paramedics took Delk to Southeast Medical Center in Dothan where he died from severe head injuries 9-days later. The entire incident has left Delk's neighbors feeling vulnerable.

"I was really very anxious after that, I didn't want to go outside by myself and my husband didn't want to leave me at home by myself," says Mary Powell, a neighbor.

Powell, who's lived here for 25-years, has covered her front door with aluminum and plans to move soon.

"He was just a really good man who never bothered anybody. He was actually the last person that you would've ever thought it would've happened to."

Although no one's sure if the attack on Delk was a random act.

"I have no idea if they knew if he lived there or not."

That hasn't been much consolation for the people on Wheelus Street.

"It was very scary, very terrifying."

Toriano "Cory" Grant is approximately 5'11 inches tall , has short hair and weighs about 170-180 pounds.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Cottondale Police Department at 850-352-4361.

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