Cocaine Bust Follow-Up

Tallahassee police returned to a southside home Wednesday afternoon to seize more evidence in the wake of a major drug bust there. This case is likely bound for federal prosecution given the sheer amount of drugs seized.

A home on Cleveland Street is the scene of one of the biggest drug busts in Tallahassee in recent memory. A lunchtime raid Tuesday uncovered more than $300,000 worth of illegal drugs.

Earnie Stoll of the TPD Narcotics Unit, says, "We knew from our investigation that the house was fortified. It has bars on the windows and doors and we had to use our Tactical Unit to make entry into the Cleveland Street house. Once we got in, they found a suspect hiding in one of the back bedroom closets."

Here's a look at what they found, 1.5 kilos of powder cocaine, 40 pounds of pot, 32 grams of crack, a gun and thousands in cash. Three people are now under arrest, 36-year-old Willie Hart, 23-Year-Old Dontay Rollins and 31-year-old Cheryl Washington.

"We are all distraught right now. We don't know it happened it was terrible. Write about it, whatever, I can't stop you."

When we stopped by the Cleveland Street address, we were greeted by understandably upset family members. His sister says she had no idea this was going on in her family's home.

The three people arrested face a total of 11 felony and five misdemeanor counts. This case is now bound for federal court.