Controversy Over Possible Rezoning of Lake Jackson

More than 100 acres of land could be developed. Folks living along Lake Jackson are concerned.

The piece of land at 4910 North Monroe looks good now, but in the coming years, the area of 108 acres could be full of residential and commercial development.

Biologist Matthew Aresco works with a group called "friends of Lake Jackson". Aresco is concerned that development could lead to a polluted Lake Jackson.

"When you have development, it's difficult to control the amount of storm water that comes off of the site, and so you have a lot of pollutants that will go into Lake Jackson," says Matthew.

William McCord works with Development Services in Leon County. His says the environmental concerns always come first, but development near Lake Jackson wouldn't hurt.

"There are so many areas that are not growing in our country, and they're hurting economically, and that chases people away," says William McCord.

Wednesday afternoon a meeting was held at Leon County's Growth and Development Department. There, residents spoke for and against the possible rezoning.

"I'm actually quite pleased that it's going to be happening because it appears to be a very well planned development, and it's about time the Northwest enjoy some development that the Northeast and South wood has enjoyed in recent years," says Paul Earnhart.

“We'll keep it the way it is, as suppose to higher developed parts of the state, such as south Florida, where you essentially have dead lakes and we want to keep the lake viable," Leon County resident Tom Nelson adds.

Several developers, who were present for the meeting, will take their plans back to the county where a series of committee meetings will follow, but members of the Leon County Commission have the final say on this issue.