Thomas University Offers Program for Aspiring Child Caseworkers

Being a child caseworker requires plenty of patience and dedication, and child welfare agencies in Thomas County are crying out for help, but that training can cost unless you receive your degree through a new program offered by Thomas University that will pay for your tuition, books and travel time.

The 4-E program is a federally funded program that's set up in areas where there's a shortage of social workers. Participants here say a program like this has been desperately needed in Thomas County for years.

Along with a bachelor's or master's degree, students will receive work experience. The 4-E program requires them to work for the Department of Family and Children's Services for as long as they are in school.

"A lot of people think short-term, where I have to give back two years to the agency. Well, you do, but you'll have a ton of experience under your belt," says Candis Jones, a student.

To learn more about Thomas University's 4-E program, call Professor Bill Milford at 229-226-1621, extension 223.