Pumping More Pennies

The trend of rising gas prices in Florida may now have trickled across the Florida-Georgia line. State officials in Georgia are now reporting record high prices per gallon.

Store managers say they've seen a slight decrease in customers, but the people say it's still worth the drive to fill up.

The manager of the Texaco on Highway 319 says there have been complaints about the rise in gas prices, but he says even now when $1.59 a gallon marks record high levels in Georgia, folks are still rolling in looking for the best deal at the pump.

"A lot of out traffic is out of Florida were so close to the Border. It's cheaper for them to drive 15 minutes and get fuel than it is to get it in any gas station in Florida right now, especially Tallahassee,” says manager Jay Willis.

Willis says Georgia has both cheaper retail fuel prices and lower gas taxes than Florida, which continues to justify why the 90 percent of the businesses customers make the drive from Leon County.

"In Tallahassee it's gone from $1.60 to $1.79. I just passed the gas station and I said to myself if it's 20 cents cheaper here I'm going to keep coming," says Sondra Rowe.

"I come here once a week and if it has been an increase it hasn't been a significant increase not to affect me coming here," says Dale Bonninghausen.

Prices are expected to peak this summer in Georgia, but gas station managers feel the even higher prices in Florida will still help fuel the drive to Georgia.

The record levels in Georgia have been due to high prices for crude oil, high demand and a low supply. Gas store managers near the Florida/Georgia line say they are constantly checking their competitors to beat each others prices, but they say they expect all the gas stations in Thomasville will continue to do pretty well despite rising prices.