No Suspect in Tallahassee Murder

Despite tracking down more than 400 leads, police have not yet made an arrest and the man who struck in broad daylight is still on the run.

Customers have come to Beethoven's to buy sheet music for the past five years, but for the past few days customers have had a chorus of questions about Monday's murder at Market Square.

Margaret Pendleton from Beethoven & Company says, "Mostly the customers just want to talk about it. They want to know what we know. They think we know more than anyone else knows and of course, we don't."

On Monday, 66-year-old attorney Fred Parker was stabbed in a shopping center restroom and made it as far as the restaurant next door before collapsing.

Witnesses say the man who killed him was a transient, a white man in his 40's with sandy hair. Police say they do have a list of possible suspects now, but they would not specify how many names are on that list.

Stewart Clendinen, Tallahassee Police Spokesman, says, "They've been able to cull several names of people that we're interested in interviewing further and we've got 50, over 50, investigators in the field who are looking for these people to make contact and talk with them further about the crime."

Shop owners in Market Square meanwhile are still shaking their heads in disbelief and hoping business doesn't take a turn for the worse. At Shaw's Athletics, foot traffic is steady.

"I think this sort of, that people are realizing that this was an aberration, a horrible aberration that shouldn't happen very often, that won't happen very often," says Shaw.

And in the same breath that the shop owners worry about business, they say they worry about Fred Parker's family and hope his knife-wielding killer will soon be caught. Parker will be buried Thursday at Faith Presbyterian Church.

If anyone has information about the murder, call TPD headquarters at 891-4200.