Tallahassee Mayor Delivers First-Ever State of City Address

As Mayor John Marks graduates into his second year, he says he's proud of what he and his fellow commissioners have accomplished and are looking forward to the future.

In front of a packed city chambers, the second man to be elected as mayor of Tallahassee spoke to the people about the state of the city.

The basic message in this first address of its kind: "We are progressing in the right direction."

"We're going to be a bit more pro-active than we have been in the past. This is the first year we've worked together as a commission, so we've sort of been feeling each other out,” adds Mayor Marks.

The mayor says key successes for this new commission is infrastructure projects, southside and Frenchtown improvements, advances in arts and culture, economic development, getting through the tough financial pinch and establishing more relationships with other governments.

Citizens in the city and the county say they are pleased.

"I love it! I think they've become more community oriented and are bringing everyone to the table,” comments Pastor Renita Dixon, Tallahassee resident.

"I think they are a fair minded commission and I think there's a lot of potential to help improve the lives of Tallahassee residents,” says Leon County resident Donald Axelrod.

The mayor says the next year is going to be a challenge; he and his fellow commissioners are ready.

"We're going to expect more action in regards to Downtown, and Blueprint 2000,” Marks adds.

Mayor Marks reports the best is yet to come. The mayor ended his address with hopes for the future, which includes more community renewal and enhancements.