Students' Credit Card Debt

The topic of credit card debt among college students is very common. Florida State University officials say the problem is so severe nationwide that Congress is taking up the issue and there have even been documented cases of suicide due to debt.

College campuses and credit cards are two things that unfortunately do add up, but before students sign on the dotted line, Florida State University is charging ahead with a plan to educate high school students about the dangers of credit card debt.

An FSU produced video called “Avoiding the Credit Card Monster” has been distributed to every high school in the nation.

FSU officials say they've received e-mails from California to Tennessee saying thanks because the ten minute video comes with lecture notes.

“Anywhere a teacher can play the tape and then engage students for an hour long talk about money management. If you walk around this campus, everyone's got a story about credit cards,” says Perry Crowell, FSU Assistant VP of Finance and Administration.

Local high schools such as Leon and Rickards are using the FSU video in their curriculum. The video distribution was made possible through a $30,000 grant.