Thomasville Municipal Airport Upgrade

Folks flying the friendly skies into Thomasville's Municipal Airport could soon be greeted by its newly renovated terminal. Plans of giving the building facelift are on the horizon.

The facility of the Thomasville Municipal Airport dates back to World War II when it was used as a training base for army pilots, and despite a number of improvements over the years, some modern day frequent flyers say the terminal is lost in time.

"We need to show the good side of Thomasville which is a just a lovely town but this terminal doesn't represent that," says Mary Grieme.

"Our terminal is more like a WWII building and we need to have a nice terminal for people, a lot of times this is the first part of Thomasville they see," adds Irvin Nesmith, a flight instructor.

The city's airport operations engineer says the airport is a gateway to economic development, through tourism, and he wants to make it more presentable.

"With the amount of traffic we get in here now to visit our plantations, we need to have a first class terminal, first class appearance for people arriving," says John Wood, the city airport operations engineer.

Replacing the terminal could cost nearly $1 million, and it will be difficult for the small airport and the city to come up with, but folks are hoping the plans will take off smoothly.

"I hope they can continue to get a few proposals to city council, and we can move on this pretty quickly, it's kind of an eyesore and we need to fix this up."

City council members will meet with architecture firms to come up with possible designs for the new building, officials anticipate the project will get off the ground in the coming years.