Fight Over Sewage Line

There are plans to build a new prison facility near Carrabelle that will bring almost 300 new jobs and a more than $13 million payroll, but a fight over a necessary sewage line might keep the jobs, money and project in a holding pattern.

A new state prison is supposed to open in Franklin County in the summer of 2004. Carrabelle officials are worried that might not happen. The project may be facing set back, a fight over a sewage line.

"The prison will move forward. It will be months before the prison needs this line, but the problem is if it drags out like it has for months and months. Then it becomes critical," says Mayor James Brown.

"We're concerned about the proximity at some points it is within inches of our lines," adds Mike Hughes.

Lanark Village officials asked a Tallahassee judge to put a block on the sewage lines. They say once the lines are put in, they will be a permanent problem.

"This is an accident waiting to happen. There have already been three breaks to our lines caused by the City of Carrabelle," says Mike Palecki.

Instead, the judge ruled in favor of mediation for both sides. The judge says if no decision can be made during mediation, then she will make a final ruling.

The Tallahassee judge says that both sides have two weeks to come to an agreement. If no agreement is reached in that time, a date will be set for both sides to be back in court for a ruling.