Stray Bullet Narrowly Misses House Painter

Thursday afternoon, two Tallahassee teens were in police custody after firing a .22 caliber rifle. Police officials say the two weren't aiming at anyone. Their only targets were aluminum cans floating in Lake Killarney.

Officials say the two young men were shooting their targets from a vacant lot off of Shannon Lakes Drive, but things took a turn for the worst when one of the bullets ricocheted off of the water and traveled more than 100 yards to the other side. That bullet hit a home on Shamrock Street, and it landed only 18 inches away from a painter working on the home at the time.

"I heard a hit, in the bushes around here somewhere, and they the next thing I know, I here a 'zoomp,' right onto the wood. I threw my paint brush down and we high tailed it onto the other side of the house," says painter Carl Mills.

"I'm upset that anybody would be firing a rifle in the neighborhood but, again hopefully, it's a one time incident. I'm just glad the painter didn't get hit," adds homeowner Charles Lester.

Officers say the two teens have learned an important lesson.

"Just shows you that, not thinking what your actions are can lead to something tragic, they almost hit somebody, 18 more inches, we could have had somebody that was dead or injured, seriously injured," says OFC Robert Digonzales, Tallahassee Police Department.

Both teens were charged with two misdemeanors each, one count of negligence and a second count of discharging of a firearm. Again, officers say the teens’ actions were unintentional.