Underage Drinking Bust in Valdosta

Wednesday the Valdosta Police Department arrested three bartenders at JP's Bar for selling alcohol to underage customers. They have to obtain a license, and they did not do that.

Authorities say 22-year-old Brian Hodgins, 23-year- old Michael Hayes and 23-year-old Jessica Donaldson were selling alcohol without checking IDs.

We gave the owner of JP's Bar, Robby Roberts, the opportunity to speak on camera, but he declined. However, plenty of Valdosta residents are talking.

"They needed to bust that guy because he is contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Plus it’s giving a way to say that's ok to drink and drive," says Bob Bolton, a Valdosta resident.

The operation Wednesday is part of an ongoing effort to stop underage drinking in Valdosta, a problem that investigators want everyone to understand.

"The law states that you have to verify the age of a person to make sure they are 21 of age or older. It's a simple solution I don't understand why it's a problem in any town," says LT Brian Childers.

It's a problem authorities want to bring to an end. JP's liquor license will not be revoked, but authorities say if the problem continues it could be considered.