Fighting Diabetes

A partnership between Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and the city's Parks and Recreation Department may kick start a new trend for kids.

It seems as though physical activity is losing the battle to the sedentary lifestyle many kids now enjoy, thanks to video games and the Internet.

“A lot of folks see it as a novelty. They don't have a sense of being active. We're trying to bring that back,” says John Govans, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation.

Govans and Tallahassee Parks and Recreation are doing that through a partnership with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. The two are introducing a program to get kids active, doing things many adults would think was second nature for kids, and as a teen counselor at the Walker Ford Community Center, Morris Bowden will receive training from TMH staff.

“I think it will be real important because it will give me ideas on how to help them stay fit and active,” says Morris.

Here's a way to take your first step towards a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. This Saturday at 9 a.m. there will be a fun walk in the downtown Marketplace along with other free activities.

For more information call 431-5404.