Spring Break Options

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Spring break is just around the corner for most students, and while some are heading to the beach, others may find themselves home with nothing to do. As WCTV's teen reporter Murti Patel tells us, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer instead.

Michael Varnell is a Tallahassee man who lost his job seven months ago. As a result, he and his family are now living at The Shelter.

Varnell says volunteers there have made the transition easier for him.

"Homelessness isn't a one or two person problem, people are homeless because of certain circumstances. They start to learn and understand these circumstances,” says Varnell.

Katie Monroe agrees. She says teens can provide services that make a lifetime of a difference.

"Bathing in the sun is always fun, but I mean, if you're just in town and you have nothing else to do, it's just really beneficial.You help a lot of people; you show the community and this population that you care. It's very self-rewarding, you'll leave feeling good about yourself," says Katie.

The Shelter is not the only place in need of volunteers. The Challenger Learning Center is offering a spring break camp, but the only missing component teenaged volunteers.

"Kids will be able to interact with the middle school students that are going to be flying space missions, building and launching water rockets, as well as Estee rockets," says Michelle Personette, marketing director.

These organizations are hoping teens will launch a commitment to volunteer in the coming weeks. If you'd like to volunteer at The Shelter or the Challenger Learning Center or any Tallahassee non-profit organization, just give them a call.