Valdosta Administrators Lay Out Security Plan for High School

The Valdosta School Board wants to install cameras and a fence surrounding Valdosta High School, but some students say the cameras take away their privacy.

"Say someone was in the school that has no business being here or has bad intentions. It would be a way to set a hold of them so they wouldn't succeed. But at the same time it would make you feel like your in prison,” says Valdosta High School student Jessica Wing.

The cameras would be installed in the cafeteria, gymnasium and the hallways.

Other students say all the security measures are a small price to pay to keep everyone safe.

"I really wouldn't pay attention to them because you kind of forget they're there and I think it would help out a lot with things like violence and stuff like that,” comments Valdosta senior Erica Cox.

A county by county sales tax would fund the security project.

Although the cost of the security project is still unknown, administrators say it’s worth every penny.

"The purpose is to have knowledge to who is leaving and coming into campus and for what reasons they're coming and going. If you can isolate that to one front entrance where we have already a security guard then he's able to check everyone coming and going,” adds Valdosta Principal Tommy Craft.

The next step for the school board is to total the amount of the project and decide whether or not to begin.

But no matter what the cost, administrators say keeping their students safe is priceless.

The project has not been approved, but administrators say has almost 100-percent decided that the project will go forward.