Tallahassee Utilities Responds to Accusations of Unfair Treatment

The city has been accused of charging customers in different areas different rates for their utilities.

From the beginning, they've called the accusation crazy and untrue, but now the city commission is moving forward on some new initiatives that it hopes will set the record straight, once and for all.

The City of Tallahassee Utility Services says it's done with the rumors and allegations.

"One misconception that we would like to address, we don't change different rates for where you live in the community. Doesn't happen, wouldn't do it, and that is not an appropriate thing to do. That's not reflective of this organization,” explains Reese Goad, CTU, Accounting Department.

"The misconception and miscommunication out there is outrageous. Obviously bills have been high, but it is because of a colder winter and fuel prices,” CTU Assistant Manager Rick Fernandez says.

But some customers say they are worried about their growing bills and want action to be taken.

"How much higher is it going to get? We are a family of five. We need to put a stop,” customer Geracina Scott comments.

Many City customers say their bills have gone sky high, and want the city to do something. Commissioner Andrew Gillum says the city is responding.

"We are proposing more educational initiatives to teach more people so they can feel more comfortable about their service. We want to address those concerns and not just one segment of the population,” Goad adds.

Rick Fernandez explains bills include a non-fuel rate that covers the cost of business and then there's the fuel rate, which is the cost of fuel, it's the cost of fuel that's increasing, causing the high bills, but he says the non-fuel rate is one of the lowest in the state.

City utility workers want customers to call them at 891-4968 to learn more about various programs already in place to help customers meet their bills.