Adding Up to Make the Grade

An area school district is moving full speed ahead on the road to boosting math scores. Teachers are teaming up with math coaches to shape up the student success.

It may look like an aerobics class, but you're actually witnessing mathematics in motion. Teacher Brandy Tyler McIntosh is helping her students understand math methods through movement.

Over the years, veteran teacher Peggy Alan has seen the statistical subject change.

"Standards increased significantly trying to help children understand order thinking math at a much early age," says Peggy.

Which is why math coaches could soon enter the equation. The Leon school district is working on a grant to place these coaches in classrooms across the county.

"Had an opportunity to work with Department of Education and FSU's mathematics education department, know it will work, just of a matter of getting grant approved, the funding and be off," says Bill Montford, Superintendent of Schools.

Even though officials say Leon County student scores soar above the national and state average, hopefully by combining core teachers with specialized instructors they'll top the charts.

"Bring more expertise, more focus to class. Especially for a teacher teaching other subjects, they can't do that," says Peggy Alan.

Making math a primary factor in a student's success.

Once the Department of Education approves the $585,000 grant, six math coaches will be hired to help students at 12 elementary schools in Leon County.