Thomas County Teen Faces Terrorism Charges

Thomas County officers say these students don't understand the serious nature of the pranks they've been playing and strict measures will be taken to deal with them.

It's the age-old prank, kids calling in bomb threats to get out of class, but officers say in this age, it's taken as more than a prank, and no matter how old an offender is, they'll be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Things are settling back down at Thomas County Central High after Tuesday's bomb scare. Law enforcement officials say the threat was called in by 17-year-old Thomasville High student Jakeya Marshae Washington.

Tuesday's threat was taken very seriously. It disrupted the schedules of more than 1,400 students, hundreds of school officials and dozens of law enforcement and emergency service workers. Officials say if a real emergency had happened somewhere else at the same time, it could have been a matter of life or death.

Law enforcement officers say no one will get away with a crime like this, and they're not joking.

"This girl made the call from a cell phone and I reckon because there wasn't a cord attached to the wall, she thought she couldn't be traced, but you can!" says John Richards.

"Pay close attention to what you're doing and who you're doing it with, because even so-called 'good' kids can get together and do things that aren't called for," says Frank Delaney.

Officials are still investigating who else was involved in Tuesday's incident and say more arrests could follow.

Jakeya Washington has been charged with making terroristic threats and acts, a felony that could possibly make her face one to ten years in jail.

In situations like this there is no way for law enforcement officials to distinguish a real emergency from a prank. If they get a call, they're required to respond no matter what.