Jefferson County in Search of Library Site

The library director would like to expand the facility to bring in more books and programs, but lack of space is making that impossible.

Lois Goode and her son Blaze visit the Jefferson County Library twice a week for reading material. Goode says, though the library provides an array of books, she would like to see the library expand.

"They have so many books to offer, but in a different location yet still in town. It can be congested here and it can be dangerous with so much going on right here."

To accommodate patrons like Goode, library officials have been scouring the county looking for a new building with upwards of 10,000 square feet, three thousand more than the current location.

Also, officials say the walls in the current facility are deteriorating and when it rains, they've had to dispose of several rain-soaked books.

Linda Hamedani, Jefferson County Library Director says, "We've tried to patch them. It's an old brick wall that doesn't seal. The outside is also in bad condition. The windows can’t be lowered. It's just a number of things that we're dealing with that needs to be upgraded here."

County officials were hoping to acquire the old high school, which is currently under renovation, but that facility failed to meet their space requirement.

Residents are hoping county officials will find something in the downtown area. Tom love, a Monticello resident says, “I would like to see some existing building within the Monticello area that is identified that could be a good home for the library."

Jefferson county officials ask that if anyone in the county has space available to please contact them as soon as possible.